Crystal Accounts

(Providing Crystal Clear Financial Data Through Drill Down Functionality)

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Crystal Accounts History

(Last Update 1/8/2022)

  • Version 8.1.54 (1/8/2022)

    Implemented Mass emailing for Staff , customer , vendor documents

    Goggle Zoom facilities for Training and Meetings integrated into application

  • Version 8.1.53 (1/7/2022)

    First Availability of Web enabled cloud version Launched.

    Remote Quick Assist facility (Replacing Team Viewer) integrated into application

  • Version 8.1.5 (3/8/2021)

    Completed Application Movement to Open Source.

    Excel Interface for Big Data Upload implemented

  • Version 8.1 (1/8/2019)

    Started Application Conversion to Open Source

    c# Front End and Postgresql Backend

  • Version 8.0 (15/6/2018)

    Major Front End Upgrade of Crystal Accounts from VisualBasic 6 to C#,

    and Back end Upgrade from SqlServer to PostgreSQL decided.

    Cloud Services Provider Decided as Digital Ocean.

  • Version 7.4 (2/1/2016)

    Further updates for Crystal Accounts Client/Server Version Stopped

    Team Viewer Remote support stopped

  • Version 7.3 (2/3/2014)

    Minor modifications to allow remote installs implemented

    Decision for Joint Marketing of Crystal with Third Parties Taken

  • Version 7.2 (2/1/2010)

    Modification of Crystal to accomodate 3 industry types taken

    (Manufacturing, Service , and Marketing)

  • Version 7.0 (3/1/2008)

    TeamViewer Remote Support facility implemented

  • Version 6.2 (1/2/2007)

    Implemented Biometrics/Finger Print Technology

  • Version 6.1 (2/2/2003)

    SQL Server Version of Crystal Accounts Launched

  • Version 6.0 (1/1/2002)

    Integrated Access based Purchase/Sales/Inventory and Sales Renamed Package as Crystal Accounts

  • Version 5.2 (1/1/1995)

    Photographs capture implemented

  • Version 5.1 (1/1/1989)

    EasyPay ( Stand Alone Personnel/Payroll on Access Launched x


Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers face the big challenge of managing the Inventory of Raw Materials, Semi Finished Products as Work in Progress and Finished Product Sales from Multiple Depots. Crystal Accounts addresses these needs and more?


Trade Industry

In the trading industry, we have employed Biometric functionality to specify approval levels for supervisor needing to approve certain levels of financial transactions before they are committed. This is important in Stores and other trading outfits



In the service industry, Speed of delivery of service is important. Implementation of Biometric functionality as a basis for client record retrieval ensures zero waiting time for clients. Hospitals and organization needing to retrieve client records in real time have found this very useful.