Crystal Accounts

(Providing Crystal Clear Financial Data Through Drill Down Functionality)

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Client Comments


To be candid I did not know what to expect when I deployed Crystal Account Sales Module in my organisation, nor did I believe that the package would be adequate in a Medical Diagnostic environment keeping in mind the complex nature of our operations. I must say now with the benefit of a hindsight that Crystal account package EXCEEDED my EXPECTATIONS.

It used to be quite a handful every month end dealing with large volume of data in raw state. I use to work late nights to enable me dispense with months workload. Even so our bills and discount pages are never ready on time. But not anymore! With Crystal Account Package, our Hospital bills, discounts, sales graphical analysis and much more are just ONE CLICK AWAY!

With Crystal Account Package, our sales book have become CRYSTAL CLEAR. I recommend this package to any Company desiring PERFECTION in purchasing, Sales, Inventory Control, Accounting, Personnel and payroll management. This Package is an INNOVATION!

Finally I must comment on one endearing quality of Datatronics Nigeria LTD, which is the ability to deliver the goods in a trustworthy and dependable manner. God bless the work of thine Hands.

GEORGE OKOLI ( MD, G.I.L Diagnostic Centre.)


Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers face the big challenge of managing the Inventory of Raw Materials, Semi Finished Products as Work in Progress and Finished Product Sales from Multiple Depots. Crystal Accounts addresses these needs and more?


Trade Industry

In the trading industry, we have employed Biometric functionality to specify approval levels for supervisor needing to approve certain levels of financial transactions before they are committed. This is important in Stores and other trading outfits



In the service industry, Speed of delivery of service is important. Implementation of Biometric functionality as a basis for client record retrieval ensures zero waiting time for clients. Hospitals and organization needing to retrieve client records in real time have found this very useful.